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Daily news about Bitcoin and another cryptos. We cover cryptocurrency news, technical analysis and forecasts for bitcoin, litecoin, dash, doge, ether and peercoin.

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Ethereum Blockchain Apps Might Ensure Freelancers Get PaidSat, 12 Nov 2016 14:48:45Justin OConnell
Blockchain Startups Look To Profit From Marijuana Election ResultsSat, 12 Nov 2016 13:40:49Justin OConnell
Deutsche Bank Survey Sees Blockchain Adoption in Six YearsSat, 12 Nov 2016 13:00:14Jamie Redman
All You Need To Know About PasswordsSat, 12 Nov 2016 13:36:34TheBitcoinNews
German Police Arrest Deep Web User Buying A Shotgun For US$2,000 in BitcoinSat, 12 Nov 2016 11:37:13LiveBitcoinNews
Trump’s Trade War With China Could Boost Chinese Bitcoin DemandSat, 12 Nov 2016 11:00:32Kevin Helms
US Election Sends Bitcoin SurgingSat, 12 Nov 2016 11:36:30TheBitcoinNews
China’s Online Insurer ZhongAn Launches Blockchain and AI IncubatorSat, 12 Nov 2016 07:40:41Rebecca Campbell
DOJ Assistant Attorney: US Government Realized They Can’t Shut Down BitcoinSat, 12 Nov 2016 07:36:20TheBitcoinNews
Monero Attracts Mainstream Media After ZCash Decline & Controversial LaunchSat, 12 Nov 2016 07:37:09TheBitcoinNews
ZebPay Aims To Raise US$4m To Bolster Expansion PlansSat, 12 Nov 2016 03:37:10LiveBitcoinNews
Initial Coin Offerings: Investor Gold Rush or Major Liability?Sat, 12 Nov 2016 05:36:52TheBitcoinNews
Blockchain Startup Everex Aims for Financial InclusionSat, 12 Nov 2016 02:00:18Jamie Redman
Ukraine Bank Roadmap: Blockchain-Based Payments by Q4 2017Sat, 12 Nov 2016 00:00:01William Suberg
20-Year-Old Sentenced for Key Role in Darknet Counterfeiting Ring from UgandaSat, 12 Nov 2016 01:36:03TheBitcoinNews
Bitcoin Startup Blockstream Seeking Patent for Sidechains DesignSat, 12 Nov 2016 01:36:22TheBitcoinNews
SuperDAO debuts DApp Amalgamating Poker and Ethereum’s BlockchainFri, 11 Nov 2016 23:36:37TheBitcoinNews
Bitcoin Wasn’t the Only Digital Currency to See Post-Election BounceFri, 11 Nov 2016 23:35:59TheBitcoinNews
Join 24option Now and Receive Exclusive Promotions!Fri, 11 Nov 2016 23:36:15NewsBTC USA
Uber Wars: Cell 411 Offers Rides for Bitcoin, Monero or Almost AnythingFri, 11 Nov 2016 20:00:50William Suberg
Australia Arrests Four in Global Darknet InvestigationFri, 11 Nov 2016 21:35:56TheBitcoinNews
Report: Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay in Talks to Raise $4 Million …Fri, 11 Nov 2016 21:36:23TheBitcoinNews
Report: President Trump Considers Bitcoin Skeptic Jamie Dimon for Treasury JobFri, 11 Nov 2016 18:22:54Samburaj Das
One in Four Bitcoin Nodes Are Now Upgraded for SegWitFri, 11 Nov 2016 19:35:47TheBitcoinNews
Op Ed: Blockchain Education Network Hosts Month-Long Blockchain AcceleratornodateMichael Gord
Learning MacHine Blockcerts Wants Students to "Own Their Own Records" via Blockchain CredentialingnodateMilt Capps
Dutch Police Warns Dark Web Marketplace Users: “You Have Our Attention”Fri, 11 Nov 2016 17:10:12Francisco Memoria
FBI Releases ‘Primer’ Successfully Infiltrating DarknetsFri, 11 Nov 2016 17:00:06Jamie Redman
Bitcoin Price Watch; Closing Out The Week On A HighFri, 11 Nov 2016 15:57:39Samuel Rae
Whatever happened to bitcoin? Adam Draper has…Fri, 11 Nov 2016 15:35:38TheBitcoinNews
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Zurich Rejects Initiatives in Switzerland by Refusing Bitcoin Payments

Zug, Switzerland Makes Bitcoin Payments ‘Permanent’

Zimbabwean Women Farmers Accelerator Introduces Bitcoin as a Cash Alternative

Zimbabwean Women Farmers Accelerator Introduces Bitcoin as a …

Zimbabwean Economists Consider Adopting Bitcoin as National Currency

Zimbabwean Bitcoin Startup BitFinance Secures New Investment From Angel Investor

Zimbabwean Bitcoin Startup BitFinance Raises Undisclosed Amount of Funding

Zimbabwean Bitcoin Exchange Secures Angel Investor Funding to Support Growth

Zika vaccine: watch out—it will alter your DNA

Zeus Botnet Successor “Floki Bot” Available on Alphabay

Zeronet Wants to Replace the Dark Web by Marrying Bitcoin to Bittorrent Over Tor

ZeroCoin Updates about a Bug in its Implementation

ZeroCash and Dark Market Work Together with Ebitz to Bring Complete Anonymity

Zero Knowledge Proofs & Bitcoin: The Tech Behind the Brave Browser

Zero Confirmation: Fees Increase in Bitcoin Network

Zero Collateral Lottery Tournaments Using Bitcoin and Ethereum

Zero-Fee Bitcoin Trading Officially Ends in China; Begins in the UK

ZEC Price Increase Makes ZCash Second-Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

ZebraPay to Support VEROS and Ether Cryptocurrencies Soon

ZebPay Gains 25 Percent of Its Total Customer Base in Just One Month

ZebPay Aims To Raise US$4m To Bolster Expansion Plans

Zebpay Aids Indian Police After Bank Thieves Buy Bitcoin

Zcrash! China Bans Bitcoin? and Hemp for Victory

ZCoin Launching Soon: Promises Full, Untraceable Anonymity

ZCoin Commits to Monthly Donations to Ross Ulbricht Defense


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"A Lot of People Have Started to Patronize Bitcoin", Says Nigerian Executive

"Confidential Assets" Brings Privacy to All Blockchain Assets: Blockstream


#Endorse This: Steven Mnuchin Unmasked By Samantha Bee

#FakeNews In Investing

#LIVE – Bitcoin hits $900 while Coinbase’s quixotic fight against the IRS

#LIVE Bitcoin $875, Miami Conference and Nigeria

#WannaCrypt – NSA Powered Bug Hits Global Targets

$1.4 Billion Invested in Blockchain, says PwC Executive

$1.44 Billion Chinese Fintech “Fund of Funds” to Focus on Blockchain

$1,210: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High

$1,210: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Amid Sustained Support

$1,300 and Counting: What’s Next For Bitcoin Prices?

$1,700? Bitcoin’s Price is Up Even as its Tech Progress Stalls

$10 Mln ICO: Blockchain Capital Outlines Terms of Funding Round

$11 Trillion Bet: DTCC to Clear Derivatives With Blockchain Tech

$1210: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High

$140,000 Raised For Mentally-Ill Victim Of ‘Facebook-Four’ Hate Crime

$150,000 in Stolen Indian Bank Money Used to Invest in Bitcoin

$2.6 Million Bids for Just One Ethereum Name, $13.5 Million Bids in Total

$20 Million Bitcoin Fund Launched by Chinese Investor Huiyin Group

$21,714 For Every Man, Woman And Child In The World – This Global Debt Bomb Is Ready To Explode

$25 Billion in 30 Days: Are Cryptocurrencies in a Bubble?

$33 Trillion Sees China Become World’s Largest Banking System, Surpasses EU

$35,000 Bitcoin Ransom Attack On St. Louis Public Library Falls Flat